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noun, verb, -ficked, -fick·ing.

1. the movement of vehicles, ships, persons, etc., in an area,along a street, through

an air lane, over a water route, etc.

2. mutual exchange or communication

Traffic? Yes, I hate traffics... it's annoying, boring, annoying and boring. Specially at noon time wherein the sun strikes at the highest level that it's like you'll be roasted in no time, traffics are such nuisance. Well, I did like the traffic once.

That was a week ago when my family and I were on our way home to Manila after a week vacation in our province. Our movement was very slow 'coz of the traffic. I was really bored, I tried to sleep but I wasn't able to since the heat was killing me eventhough it's already airconditioned inside the car, the ray of the sun was just so unbearable. The radio of the car was playing some ugly songs so I searched for my iphone and stuck my earphones to their places and selected a bunch of good songs in it to listen to. When I was already comfortable to the song I was listening to, I leaned my head to the window of the car and gazed outside. Beside us was a white car and their windows are not tinted like ours and because of that, I was able to see a guy at the backseat of that car... He has black messy hair and the rest I can't describe since he was wearing a black shades but the thing is, he had his hands leaned on the window and I don't know if he was looking at me or in our car or to my mom or to my dad or to whoever since like what I've told you before, he was wearing black shades. 

Because I thought he was cute, I gazed at him longer than I should had and to my surprise he stopped leaning on the window and turned his back which seemed like he was getting something from the other side. I thought that maybe he was getting something to eat from the backpack beside him.

After some minutes, he turned to me and he was already holding a notebook and there was something written there, I read it...


Of course I was shocked after reading it. I just raised an eyebrow to him, he again turned his back to me and I thought that he was starting to write something again. When he was finished, he showed me again the notebook...


I swear, I choked after reading that, I turned my back to him and searched for a notebook in my bag like what he also did. I scribbled something and showed it to him,






He actually laughed after that and wrote something again but this time it wasn't an insult, "Are you annoyed? Sorry, I just don't have anything to do."

I wrote back, "A bit but nah, it's not important."

He smiled, "Can we be friends?"

"Sure." since I thought there's nothing bad to be friends with someone while waiting for the traffic to make some movements.

"TY. Where are you going right now?"

I thought it was really weird not to ask for someone's name first but then I also thought that it's ok not to tell each other's name since we're still strangers in the road and it's safe to keep the identity,"I'm heading back to Manila."

"Me too. Where in Manila d'you live?"

"In Ortigas. You?"

"Pasay. Where d'you study?"

"In La Salle, you?"

"Same here."

"Really?! Then we're schoolmates!" I don't know, I actually thought that the world was that small 'coz I actually talked to a schoolmate in the middle of a traffic. 

"Yes, infact I have the feeling that I saw you before." 

"Really? Where?"

"Wait. Lemme think." he actually thinked after that message since he stopped from writing. After some minutes he wrote something again, "I know! You're that girl from accounting!"

"Hey how did you know? Awesome." I was really getting amused by our notebook chat.

"Well you see, I like someone from your class and because of that I always look secretly in your class to have a glance of the girl I like. And sometimes, I see you there."

"Woah! You like someone in my class? Who? Who?"

"Err... It's a secret."

"C'mon, it's not like I'm gonna tell it to everyone."

"Well... Let's play a guessing game, I'll describe her and you take a guess." he even wrote a smiley.

"Sure!" a moment there, I felt an excitement. Little by little, my boredom and irritation was swifting away. 

"She's a girl." 

"Obvious." I even gave him the "are-you-kidding-me" face.

He laughed while writing, "She has 2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears."

"Sure, she's not a three-dimensional living creature that eats human poops." I drew an annoyed smiley.

"Just kidding. Well, she has long black hair..."

"About what length?"

"Shoulder length."

I tried thinking who has a shoulder length black hair in our class and the ff came up in my mind: Shay, Kaye, Anne, Laila, Marie, Cony and well, me... Oops, I should exclude myself. Hahaha!

"Ok, next clue?"

"She's tall." I tried deleting the short girls in my lists before which means, Shay&Anne are out of the list.

"And then?"

"She's not good in math." well, that sounded like a bit insulting. Well, I eliminated Laila in the list since she's a math geek.


"She's sporty." Kaye has asthma so she's out.

"A little more and I think I'm getting it." there's only mary, cony and well... uhh... me? Well, I'm excluded! hahaha!

"She sings." well they both sing so I did not have a chance to elimate someone.

"Ok, then? What else?"

"She loves reading manga..." I'm pretty sure that Mary is not an otaku which means...

"IT'S CONY! CONY MENDEZ!" I smiled as if I won a quizbee. I looked ridiculous.

He shook his head while smiling which actually got me confused so I wrote to him,

"It must be Cony? She has black shoulder length hair, she's tall, she's not good in math 'coz she often gets average scores in the tests, she always flunk in it and then she's a volleyball player, she also joins singing contests, I even competed to her once though she's so good that it was hard to beat her, and she totally love manga, infact she's the one whom I talk to with my manga craze. "

He replied, "No."

I was really confused so I wrote, "Then who is it?"

By then, the traffic was making a progress but we still can see each other so I waited for his response...

"Don't you have black shoulder length hair?" I gave him a WHAT look.

He wrote again, "You're 5'3 right? That's tall, well for a girl."

I wrote back this time, "Err... how did you know how tall I am?"

"Last exam, you had 72 in your math exam."

"Woah. How did you know? Did you see it in the school's trashcan? Gosh. I should have torn it first, atleast that way no one will see my name in the paper."

He laughed and wrote again, "You play tennis. You sing and you like manga."

I felt goosebumps all of a sudden.

"Hi Urie, I like you." when he showed me what he wrote in his notebook, their car started to move fast because the traffic was making a big progress on their side. I watched him as their car move slowly away from ours until I did not see him anymore.

And eventhough a week has already passed, I still can't help myself but to think of that guy in the traffic road. Everytime I passby in our corridors, I make sure to look around hoping to atleast see and recognize him but I always fail. Was he really serious? Well, he knew me... he knew my name, my hobbies ang some things about me. After that confession, why isn't he showing his self?


Because I am thinking too much I did not notice the guy in front of me therefore I bumped into him and fell on the floor, my books are in a mess.

"Oh, sorry." we both said at the same time. 

"Are you okay?" he stretches out his hand and as I look at him, he is smiling and all of a sudden, I felt something familiar.

I took his hand and stood up, "Thanks."

He picks my books and handed it to me, "Nothing. Take care, bye."

He went off. I am a little bit uneasy and I don't know why. I went to my class afterwards and place my books on my table.

"Ok class, open your books to page 76."

I open my book and to my surprise, a paper flew out of the pages of the book. I pick it up on the floor and saw a note,


Hi Urie. I really like you, you know. Can you meet me at the rooftop after your class?


Without any hesitations, I went to the rooftop after my class to hear his confession. We had a traffic of kept feelings. Not all traffics are annoying, sometimes it's sweet.


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